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The Evan Show.  What an experience.  If you haven’t watched it, watch it now.

Evan and I had been talking about doing some sort of video for a while so we all decided to give it a go.


A little post-release reaction.  A lot of people have asked me if the lady in the first “Dating, Not Dating, Related” segment was an escort.  I personally don’t think so but definitely something to think about.


This dinner scene was wild.  No one wanted us in there filming.  Luckily there was a kid eating by himself who invited us over to do our thing at the table.  The funniest part of this whole meal was this kid.  Whenever the camera would move even remotely close to his direction, he’d JUMP out of his seat and run away.  It was wild.  His reaction to the camera was like being scared by someone jumping out at you.  It’s situations like these where I was glad I wasn’t filming.  I get super immature in these moments leaving myself no doubt that I’d constantly be turning the camera in this guys face.  I would’ve wanted to see how far he’d go to hide.  Would he hide under a table? or maybe run straight out of the restaurant?  Genuinely funny stuff. (if you find casual harassment funny).


The BIG takeaway from the video was that having a camera guy and a microphone is the new clipboard.  People say “You can get into anywhere with a clipboard” or maybe it’s “You can get away with anything if you are holding a clipboard”.   Either way, the cameraman and microphone is the new clipboard.  People just stop what they are doing in the street looking to watch, it’s like the cameraman gives you some sort of reputability.  No one dares question a man with a mic and a camera guy.

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