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Am I the new co-host? no. But I sure as hell could be.

The rumours are true.  I am a Marilyn fan and I’ll defend her shows till I die. 

In one of my daily rants at work, I mentioned that I’m a big Marilyn guy.  This may come as a shock to many and I know it’s not really on par with my brand but I’ve got nothing to hide, no shame, I’m an open book.  They’ve had some fun with it (photo credit Shane Martins).

Orion Outstanding

My birthday was last Monday (happy bday to me) and my work went above and beyond by surprising me with tickets to her show.  Quick little plug, Orion Worldwide is a pretty sweet place to work, lots of fun people who work hard.  Back to business, I was beyond excited to spend the morning at a taping with the slight chance of meeting her.

birthdayAfter all the sick days I took during my school years (specifically grade 3 every Thursday morning to miss the spelling test) I grew to become a bit of a daytime TV pundit.  I watched them all from the 5th rerun of SportsCenter, to the Price’s Right, to Y&R.  Which is probably why Jessi Cruickshank believed me when I told her I’d invest a $2 million sponsorship deal into her new CBC daytime show (Story for another time).  However, it was Cityline that topped my list.  I think it’s because I thought that one day I could impress some girl with a vast knowledge of drapery.

This morning was the taping and it was a crazy experience.  From the “ooo’s” and “ahh’s”, to hammed up laughs, to every woman in the audience getting a little too excited watching this fitness dude.  It was a surreal moment as I felt this nostalgia of faking sick.  Yet here I am, a man, who was sent by my company to take the morning off to enjoy it.  A coming of age story, if you will.

But like all good things in life, the moment was fading.  Before it was truly over I got one last chance to take a photo and meet her.

Usually I have a witty line or two lined up or something just comes to me so I can leave an impression.  Not this time, my mind went blank.  She said I looked “very preppy” and I blushed.  Starstruck by Canada’s true Sweetheart.

So tune in Wednesday June 28th for an academy award winning audience member performance.


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