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I was washing my hands in the washroom when the guy beside me at the sink farted.

Obviously we didn’t say anything

It was weird though.  Like SUPER weird.  

Why was he so confident and casual about it?

Why did I find it weird? 

I couldn’t figure it out, he was in the washroom, which if anywhere was the place to do it.

Thats when I realized he had cheated!

Farting is a game.  We spend our whole lives, literally whole lives, farting and trying to not get caught.  It’s why we blame others when we fart or why we feel a sense of accomplishment when it’s a silent one.  It’s like we just scored a goal.  Point us.

But this is also why its always awkward when you get caught and by always I mean always. Even when the crowd is a “comfortable” or “favourable” one, deep down, we (all parties involved) still feel the awkwardness.

So here’s my bone to pick with this guy.  The washroom is like “time-out” in a game of tag.  These sounds are expected on the toilet so it’s kind of a safe zone, it’s still weird when you hear someone in a stall making a lot of noise but you still give them the pass. Kind of like calling “time-out” when you need to tie your shoe, still weird cause like why not just run off and create some time and space to tie them? but again we still give them the pass.

But this guy wasn’t buried in a stall, he was at the sink.  His time was up.  He should feel embarrassed!!!!!  He cheated the game.  He’s the kid who has already used his “time-out” to tie his shoes and then 2 minutes later calls “time-out” again without a good reason and refuses to admit he got caught.  YOU GOT CAUGHT JIMMY NOW YOU’RE IT!! 

In saying all this, I guess, all I want is for this guy to be embarrassed.  Is that too much to ask?

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