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Over my 25 years on this earth, I’ve studied people.  Is that creepy? maybe.  Do I consider myself a scholar of people? Not even close.  Is the real term for “scholar of people” a psychologist? nope.  Is it an anthropologist? not sure, but a quick google search could tell me.

Anyways, in this study of people I’ve found nothing more divisive than this one thing.  Politics? Religion? Race? no… its cilantro 

People literally HATE IT or LOVE IT.  One leaf can literally ruin someone’s meal.  Word is it tastes like soap? For the record, I’m team cilantro.

The closest thing I’ve found to being as divisive as cilantro is blue cheese, but the caveat is blue cheese dressing.  This is the area of a blue cheese Venn diagram between people who hate blue cheese and people who love it.


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