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What is with Chicago and their infatuation with the organ?

Can we put an end to it?  The organ is literally the only thing other than water and horses to make it out of the medieval era.  

I went to a Blackhawks vs. the Blue Jackets game back when the Blackhawks product was less than ideal.  The Blackhawks would finish the season by drafting Patty Kane 1st overall, so there wasn’t much of an on-ice product.  Yet, what stuck out to me the most at this game was the embarrassing off-ice entertainment.  There were no fun songs, no games, no intermission bits, nothing, instead the only entertainment for the night was an organ. Every stoppage in play meant it was time for this legendary organist to shine.  Honestly, nothing screams death more than the sound of an organ.  These instruments literally suck the life out of everything.  Organs should be reserved for funerals, with the exception, I guess, for weddings (because some view these as funerals as well).

Today is one of the greatest celebrations in Chicago’s history.  How did they decided to fire up a crowd that’s been waiting 108 years to celebrate? How about by having an organ sing melodies of death to the crowd.  It’s like the parade was planned 108 years ago when organs were still the instrument of choice and they thought “Meh, lets just go with it”.  I literally had to double take when I saw players crying to check if they were tears of joy or sorrow.  It was super awkward, but given all these “tombstone tributes” for fallen cubs fans we’ve seen the past few days it seems weirdly fitting.  

I now know the easiest way to kill a vibe at a party isn’t a fart, a spill, or inviting someone’s ex; it’s telling the DJ to take 5 and have the organist play a couple numbers for the crowd.   

Go Cubs Go,

Go Cubs Go,

Hey Chicago, what do you say? Time to lose the organ today!

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